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Getting your child to wear a mask and keep it on, is possibly the most tedious situation a parent faces every day.

But what if the mask was

- kind on your baby’s skin

- breathable

- soft and comfortable

- cute and affordable

Who better knows their children best than the parents who understand the unsaid words of what the kids have in mind.

And so, a group of mamas came together to make sure their little ones stay safe. They created something amazing.

Face masks for kids that are:- handmade by mommies
- using pure cotton fabric
- double layered filter
- block printed designs on fabric
- made with love

In a world of social distancing, there is HOPE that we are here for each other.

Our Story

Fast-paced, forever busy and almost always on my toes. I love being a big city girl. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of city life I have struggled to find my center. With so much happening, I tend to lose sight of myself. Some days leave me tired with little or no zeal to do anything. Other days, I want to do so much, but anxiety takes over and I am unable to maintain my work-life balance.


Getting through the day seemed like a huge task and I would prefer being in autopilot mode, disconnected from my emotions. It wasn't long before it took a toll on my health. I was quick to recognize the problem and knew that It was time to make a change in my lifestyle. 


I rediscovered myself through the science of Yoga. What started off as a gentle practice to unwind, relax and de-stress, now trained me to be more mindful and positive. Through meditation and conscious breathing, I am now able to concentrate better and be more productive. Those constant headaches vanished for good and my days are now lighter and brighter.


A little bit of discipline worked its magic. Now I am eager to share this experience with everyone. Anyone who is searching for a path to self, to rediscover themselves; Everyone who is aiming for the right balance in a big city. 


BluElephant Co encourages everyone to lead a sustainable lifestyle, through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. You will learn how to balance the challenges of life while being grounded; physically, mentally and spiritually. 


I enjoy the perks of city life, while still staying connected with myself. With yoga being an indispensable part of my life, I look forward to being on the mat every day. I choose to breathe, look ahead and smile.


"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection"


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