About Us

BluElephant is a space that encourages a sustainable lifestyle. Through the discipline of Yoga, we engage in a holistic approach to life.

Along with Asanas (postures), we practice Pranyama (Breathing), Dharna (Concentration) and Dhyana (Meditation). We apply the teachings of the Yoga Sutras to understand the meaning of a higher standard of living as an individual and part of a society.

Humans are built to be curious, we often ask questions like What is Yoga really? What’s the science behind it? Is Yoga even for me?

At BluElephant, we are happy to answer all your questions, guiding you on your journey to ‘Self’.

We focus on positivity and well-being to reach a balance by delivering the right philosophy behind this ancient Indian practice.

Come, learn what it means to live your practice and to draw connections between mindfulness and sustainability.

We are a safe space, welcoming all ages, genders, ethnicities. beliefs and cultures.

Breathe, look ahead and smile.

Who We Are


Darryl Dcunha

Co-founder & Director

Darryl is a forward thinking business development professional.
He understands the importance of wellness as an essential intangible element in the world, through his professional learning.
He has always been inclined towards fitness and maintains a very disciplined lifestyle. He loves to motivate and inspire people through his own personal experiences.
When on a break, he is out exploring new scenic landscapes or lying on the grass soaking up some sun.

Chantelle Cabral

Co-founder & Yoga Instructor

Chantelle is a certified yoga instructor trained in classical yoga from the oldest yoga institute in the world - The Yoga Institute - Mumbai, India. Trained under the lineage of Shri Yogendraji, her forte lies in teaching healthy adults, children and seniors. Being an athlete herself, she understands the need for yoga in the world of fitness and continues to apply the teachings of the Yoga Sutras in her daily life. She also conducts a wide range of wellness workshops in meditation and breathing. In her spare time, she’d have her hair tied up and running shoes on, sprinting towards her goals.

Doaa Kharia

Marketing Manager

Doaa is a digital marketer with over five years in the field of marketing. She is passionate about storytelling and finds new ways to tell stories that are engaging. As a nature lover, she is always found behind her camera clicking pictures of what inspires her. Forever aspiring to share her journey with others, she wants to make a difference though her creativity.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

- William James